Should You Be Concerned About The 'Weekend Effect'?

New Study Finds Increased Death Risk Internationally-If Admitted To A Hospital Over The Weekend

Emergencies happen 24/7-so why is it when we are admitted to a hospital on a weekend, the care we receive might not be exactly the same as the care we are given during a standard work week?

This is the question that many studies and researchers have attempted to evaluate in the past. The bottom line is that the weekend effect exists, is complicated and multifactorial, and there is not one simple answer.

At least some of the previous explanations from researchers for the "weekend effect" are related to lower staffing levels (nurses), fewer available specialists, as well as lack of readily available imaging and so-called interventional-type services offered during a typical "work" day from 9-5.

It turns out that the increased risk of death after being admitted to hospital over the weekend-- coined the 'weekend effect'- is actually seen in many developed countries' hospital systems, including the U.K, U.S., Australia, as well as the Netherlands.

Findings from a new research study documenting this important observation in the aforementioned countries were published online today in the Journal BMJ Quality Safety.

The study is important since this is not just a phenomenon related to a single country or region, but seen internationally in all types of medical settings from academic medical centers to community and rural hospitals as well, according to the researchers.

The "weekend effect", explains Dr. Paul Aylin, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, and Co- Director of the Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College in London "appears to be a common effect in hospitals across a number of countries with developed healthcare systems." "The participating hospitals in the Global Comparators project represent varied models of service delivery, and there is potential to learn from best practice in different healthcare systems.

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